How To Enquire For Driver License Status Online

Now people are able to view driving license info through online means. It’s a new digital service offered by DVLA. They are simple, fast and clearer methods to view information online. All you have to do is login and search for answers through their official website. You could use such a service to view driving record, checking any penalty points, checking any disqualification that you may have, creating a license check code that can be shared with your driving record with various others; something like a car hire company. The check code is valid for at least 21 days.

Service Only Available Within Particular Location

You will not be able to use this service if you received license outside Wales, Scotland and England. You will not be able to use it to check progress license application, or finally check historical info; for ex-penalty points. In case you have already applied for your driving license, you can check it both online and offline. You could also check with your status, visiting DVLA.

You would need a government gateway user ID and a password. You would probably find your application status before a week within completion of your online application. Reset the tool if you have forgotten your Government gateway ID and the password. You can always reset your password using the new tool. If you do not have either of the tools, then you can reset with a new ID.

Check Online For Enquires

You can always get vehicle information through the DVLA. Check online through their official website to find out information about driving and vehicle licensing agency or what the DLVA holds about the vehicle. Various information that you can get includes when the current tax on a particular vehicle will expire, when the MOT expires, its first registration date, color, engine size, manufacturing year, CO emissions, present vehicle tax rate. SORN status and its registration date. if you need extra information, then you could always write to the DVLA for requesting more information about the previous and current registered keeper of the vehicle.

Driving Or Transport Related Information

One can also get information about driving and transport or about your licensing through this website. There is a lot of information on the internet as well, but they might not be from credible sources. Use this official website at or even go to for more details. In this official website, we can find all the information that you may need for your vehicle registration. If you have already applied for you your vehicle licensing, it might take a few days before they inform you and send you the original driver’s license.

This official website would include all the necessary information that you would need to apply for an original driver’s license. Whether you applied for a license or have already sent an application, you can find it all here through their official website. If they have already sent you the driver’s license and are in transit, you can also check the status of your driver’s license through such official and safe websites.

How To Prepare For The UK Driving License?

Getting a driving license in the UK is equally important and critical. There are many rules and regulations before you apply for one. You have to fulfill certain criteria before you get your hands on the license. These steps include age proof, legal documents, medical examination and finally the driving test. This article shall elucidate on the above-mentioned points. Read on to find out.

Age Proof And Medical Examination

This is the first and foremost requirement for a driving license in the UK. It is according to the age that the type of driving license to be acquired is fixed.

  • 15 years and 9 months.
  • 18 years and above. (preferably 21)


For the first segment which starts from 15 years and 9 months, only a provisional driving license shall be given. There are restrictions on the vehicles one can drive. To start out, o person with a provisional driving license is permitted to drive light weighted bikes and motorcycles. According to age and expertise, the permit is raised. Next, is the segment of 18 years and above. This is the stage where one can apply for a permanent driving license. These people can ride any vehicle they want regardless of the weight. You can apply online and pay a fee of 50 pounds.

Going through a medical examination determines whether a pers2on is physically fit for driving. Thus you need to take good care of your health. You must have yourself examined by a government employed a physician or a government approved physician. The doctor’s report must be submitted along with the application form. If you are having any problem with the eyesight, you must wear correcting lenses or glasses to avoid any kinds of accidents.

An Essential Driving Test

Nothing is as important as a driving test for acquiring a driving license. It is the same for every country and not really limited to the UK. The driving test in the UK can be segregated into two parts. These are:

  • The theory examination
  • The practical driving test.

After your application is accepted, the government of UK shall send you a green card. You will need to have this during your theory and practical tests. This shall act as an admit card. Once the driving test has been passed, your green card shall be replaced by a pink colored card containing your photograph.

Preparation for the theory exam can be done through the various mock tests that are held online. You will get a fair idea about the question you may get in this exam. Practicing them shall give you an added confidence. For the driving practical test, you can enroll in some government approved the driving school. They will give you a required number of classes and prepare you for the upcoming practical test.

Before you opt for the tests, be sure to check all the controls and gears. It is quite obvious to become tense but keep calm and drive. Following these steps shall prepare you for getting the UK driving license.

Application For A Disables Bus Passes In UK

The United Kingdom has a scope of concessionary travel grants to help you take advantage of open transport over the area. This incorporates persons of pensionable age, blind persons, and disabled persons. For more assistance regarding this, you may approach to DVLA helpline.

Visually Disabled Person’s Pass

A visually impaired person’s pass qualifies you with the expectation of complementary go on West Yorkshire buses and prepares whenever of the day. You can likewise travel for nothing out of pocket on buses all through whatever remains of England at off-top times.

If you fit the bill for a visually impaired person’s pass, you will naturally get a pass which permits a sidekick to go with you for nothing out of pocket. There is no charge for aide mutts inside West Yorkshire.

Disabled Persons Pass

Another Disabled Person’s Pass

A disabled person’s pass qualifies you for nothing off-crest bus goes all through England and half-charge off-top train go in West Yorkshire.

What Is The Eligibility For Applying for A Disabled Bus Pass?

You are qualified for a disabled person’s pass if you live in the United Kingdom, and you are:

  • Partially located
  • Profoundly or seriously hard of hearing
  • Without discourse
  • Someone who has a disability or damage, which has considerable and long haul antagonistic impact on your capacity to walk
  • Someone who does not have arms, or has a long haul loss of the utilization of both arms
  • Someone who has a learning disability that is, a condition of captured or fragmented improvement of psyche, which incorporates critical impedance of insight and social working
  • Someone who has been, or would be, declined a driving permit on certain medicinal grounds

How To Apply?

The speediest approach to applying is to take evidence of your qualification to the Travel Center at Leeds Bus Station. The accompanying records are satisfactory verifications:

  • A legitimate Disabled Persons Parking Badge (Blue Badge);
  • A letter, issued inside the most recent 12 months, from the Department of Works and Pensions which expresses that the candidate is in receipt of the higher rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance
  • A letter, issued inside the most recent 12 months, from the Department of Works and Pensions, which expresses that, the candidate is in receipt of a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and has no less than 8 focuses on the moving around criteria under ‘portability ‘
  • A letter, issued inside the most recent 12 months, from the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency which expresses that: the candidate is in receipt of War Pensioners Mobility Supplement

If you don’t have any of these confirmations, you can likewise apply by downloading and printing off the application structure, accessible to the Documents segment.

disable person bus pass


Bus passes can’t be renewed; you should reapply before your present pass terminates by finishing an application structure if you require another pass.

After The Application Process

If you are qualified for a pass, this will be requested when you visit the Travel Center, or we will arrange it for your benefit from WY Metro if you have connected through Leeds City Council. If it’s not too much trouble, permit up to three weeks for your pass to be conveyed to your place of residence.